We work with high net worth and sophisticated investors via our group of financial experts. These professionals and members of the business community are some of the most experienced men and women working in corporate finance. Typically they are global distributors who are highly innovative and instinctively adaptable. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Products include Alternative Funds, Enterprise Invest Schemes (EIS), Corporate Bonds, Discretionary Portfolios, Real Estate and Property Sourcing. In conjunction with our advocates in several Family Offices we also now provide Webinar services to further facilitate introductions to grow our business. Timing is essential if you decide to sell your company. We recognise this and thus, on request, will provide you with a comprehensive route map on how to do this in a smart fashion by consulting our team who will meet with you to create a bespoke solution.

The results speak for themselves:

Anthony quickly facilitated a specialist law firm to deal with our specific needs. He sourced, contacted and handled the introduction for us promptly and efficiently. We have no hesitation in recommending AIMHub to HNW or Corporate clients. The fees were not excessive either!

Ian Taylor, Director, All About Weddings Group

Anthony is a committed, thorough and loyal professional with a great deal of business acumen.

Kirsten Bennett, Partner, Lund Bennett Law

Anthony has been my financial advisor for 20 years. It takes advanced communication skills coupled with business acumen to juggle the needs of a busy private practice and by working closely since the mid 90’s we have achieved some good results together. Anthony is innovative and proactive, and seeks to link mutual helpful specialists together. We have maintained a relationship of trust throughout this period and I am happy to recommend this service to other fellow professionals of any sphere.

J. de Carpentier - Surgeon

Trust is always earned and never a given. After working together since the 90s this is now mutual. Allowing for clear and direct discussions on important business decisions between us.

M Jakeways - Vascular Surgeon

AimHub has helped me grow my assets and also reduce my tax burden. Anthony’s actions boldly underscore his words by listening to my instructions then promptly expediting them.

Dr I Ewart - Consultant Anaesthetist

My experience as an owner-director of a PR firm has taught me to think on my feet and to make decisions... two qualities that Anthony Reeves has in abundance. He is flexible and innovative in his approach to my investment portfolio, able to sniff out rewarding opportunities through persistence and thorough research which balance acceptable, low-risk with worthwhile returns. His decisiveness personifies his determination to deliver above expectation.

Martyn Torr - Director

As a trusted adviser Anthony earns my highest recommendation.

AP Dodd - Director

Anthony has worked with me for over 19 years.
Committing to a service of sourcing a variety of financial solutions and generating over 8% pa for my private portfolio. Returns received varied from monthly, annually or rolled-up. To attain these yields I have been prepared to accept the higher risk of "Alternatives" for a segment of my portfolio of assets. My strategy is to use alternatives to boost my other income streams to increase my annual income and thereby enhance my lifestyle choices. This is essential for me as we remain in a climate of poor interest rates for savers when it comes to what is offer from the high street banks.

M. Phillips – Private Client Portfolio

For more information and advice on developing your portfolio, contact us:

Phone: 0333 920 0321

Email: victoria@aimhub.co.uk